Structured Financing

We guide clients to connect and engage with the right financing sources or solutions for various needs in a variety of industries – in collaboration with specialist capital providers. 

Integral to each decision-making process, we carefully assess our clients’ needs and engage the most appropriate partners within our network of providers a network inclusive of but not limited to; banks, development finance institutions, hedge funds, private equity firms, or other providers. The clients we work with benefit from our expertise within project finance, asset finance, trade finance, commodity finance, and mergers and acquisition. 

We work with indigenous African businesses, government agencies, and companies with an African operational focus to deliver the most optimal blend of financing with an accurate view of the market, operations, political climate, currency risk, and credit risk. 


Project Development

Understanding the complexities of both private and government institutions, we work directly with project sponsors and principles to develop projects to a bankable stage. We later bring together technical, operational, and financial partners to execute and deliver on projects – shifting mindsets from initial planning to completion. 

We leverage the latest technologies and their applications to various sectors, with our collaborating partners. Our focus areas are oil and gas, renewable energy, mining, agribusiness, and infrastructure development.

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We help to shape a more successful future through long-term partnerships, whilst exceeding our clients’ expectations.



We appreciate that each project and opportunity is unique. Our advisory experts fully commit to utilizing services and resources to meet and exceed our clients goals. We complete each project with due diligence and offer guidance on market intelligence, strategic direction, and other specific services. We help clients build, design, and implement growth strategies to enter new markets or extract value from existing activities with a particular focus on Africa. Our in-house advisory services cover:

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FX Management Solutions

We understand the complexity of local currencies and the implications it has on business, directly or indirectly. Working with strategic partners, we provide FX management solutions, primarily for trade-focused clients.

Specialised Services

We help leaders to lead and direct. Goals are realigned to match their ambitions and strategies are shaped for success. In addition to our services, we specialize in niche markets. Such as:

We bring together experts to solve intricate problems and encourage growth. Having a solid foundation of over 15 years, our specialists deliver projects fit for any purpose.

Whether youre re-evaluating your goals, need advice, or looking for new growth opportunities, we can help you shape the future you see.